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About Us

Center for Future Studies

A non-governmental center established to prepare scientific studies for the public interest, and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the KRG-Iraq

Aims and objectives:

1) To promote expertise and support research activities in politics and international relations with a particular focus on the future of strategy and public and foreign policies.

2) To contribute to the development and improvement of the philosophy of scientific research in Iraqi Kurdistan.

3) To offer the governing institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) professional and expert advice.

4) To offer professional and expert advice to private sector and to non-governmental organizations operating in Iraqi Kurdistan.

5) To contribute to the improvement of learning program in the field of the centre’s expertise.

6) To hold scientific conferences and seminars on current and future domestic and international political and strategic issues.

7) To coordinate with governmental and non-governmental centers for scientific research in and outside Iraqi Kurdistan with the aim of exchanging ideas and expertise.

8) To follow up and measure directions of, and trends in, the public opinion in Iraqi Kurdistan, particularly on those issues that are crucial to the stability and prosperity of the region.

9) To train and prepare researchers in the centre’s area of expertise.

10) To address the region’s strategic issues that have not been yet approached from an academic and scientific point of view.


Activities :

1) To carry out and publish scientific research.

2) To hold regular conferences, seminars and talks on current and future domestic, regional, and international political and security issues.

3) In addition to policy papers , analytical reports, and books, the centre publishes  a scientific journal that mainly deals with the future of domestic, regional, and international strategic and security issues.

4) To conduct interviews and interact with public and private media.

5) To translate and publish books and journal articles from English (and other foreign languages) to Arabic and Kurdish on the topics of the centre’s expertise.

6) To carry out opinion polls on various domestic political issues in Iraqi Kurdistan.

7) To gather data and publish analysis on various issues connected with public policy in Iraqi Kurdistan.


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